Advanced Génifique Our Most Advanced Skin Repair Now Tested To Life

New Delhi (India), February 16: When Lancôme launched Advanced Génifique Serum in 2009, it changed the course of beauty history, creating a true icon that delivers healthier, younger-looking skin.

To prove this iconic product is suitable and effective for the lifestyles of all women and men around the world, Lancôme’s scientific teams have taken their testing methods one step further. The serum was subjected to a series of unprecedented tests to certify it as tested for life and tested for all skins.

Engineered by Lancôme Product Evaluation Intelligence, the very first Life-Scale-3 Phase Test tracks how effective the iconic serum remains across our life spectrum at a time when pollution, temperature shocks or seasonal changes pose a greater threat to our skin than ever.

Advanced Génifique is our most advanced skin repair serum, now proven effective even in intense conditions. Transform skin quality from day 1 and restore youthful looking skin in 7 days.



Advanced Génifique is a winning and proven product. This serum is the result of 15 years’ worth of product research and two decades of study into the field of microbiome science, it has 9 patents and has received over 380 beauty awards to date. Even the high precision self-loading dropper is covered under its own patent.


Advanced Génifique nourishes, repairs, and strengthens the skin barrier, while smoothing and enhancing skin tone and quality. 

Every bottle contains the power of 6 billion pre- and probiotic fractions. Specifically selected for their action on the skin microbiome, the 7 species of pre- and probiotic fractions are extracted with an advanced biotech process. Prebiotics deliver an essential source of skin microbiome nutrients, while probiotics fractions work to benefit the hosts overall health. 

To support this optimal repairing action, Advanced Génifique also contains Hyaluronic Acid to plump and smooth the skin, and vitamin CG to help enhance skin tone and quality.



The iconic Lancôme serum is already adored by women and 1 Génifique is sold every 3 seconds. Despite its established success and proven effectiveness, Lancôme keeps demonstrating the serum efficacy with a series of new test, to better understand how Advanced Génifique perfectly addresses the impacts of the internal and external stressors causing premature signs of skin aging.



This year, Lancôme goes further, subjecting Advanced Génifique Serum to unmatched tests to prove it is tested for Life, no matter the gender, climate, or the lifestyle. 

To this end, different tests were devised and carried out:

One-year study to show Advanced Génifique effectiveness all year round, no matter the season or internal and external stressors.

Gender inclusive study: 1000-women tests conducted in China and in the US and tests on men, to prove that Advanced Génifique is tested for all, no matter your gender, skin type or phototype.

LifeLab test where Advanced Génifique was tested in intense conditions, to demonstrate its efficacy against external skin aggressors.


Lancôme is disrupting regular standards of efficacy by tracking product performance over the course of an entire year, encompassing both internal and external changes such as stress, diet and seasonal fluctuations. Over a year, 180 women applied Advanced Génifique serum, so that Lancôme could measure its impact independently of life’s many changes. At the end of this year of testing, Lancôme was able to measure the following results:

-As early as 1 month:  Already, the appearance of fine lines is reduced, and skin is more even than before. 84% [1] of women feel their skin looks healthier.

-After 3 months: Wrinkles are visibly reduced for a younger looking skin. 89%1 of women see smoother skin.

-After 9 months:  Despite seasonal changes, 92%1 of women believe the product is adapted to their skin type. Overall, fatigue signs are diminished, and skin looks plumper.

-After 1 year:  Even after unpredictable life challenges, skin looks healthier and 91%1 of women see improved skin quality.


Lancôme went well beyond traditional evaluation criteria, testing the repair potential of Advanced Génifique serum on 2192 women of different profiles, lifestyles, ages and skin types from the US and China, across 20 different cities with varying amounts of pollution. 

Each woman applied the serum morning and evening for 4 weeks. In order to take the test one step further, Lancôme also tested it on men to demonstrate that Advanced Génifique Serum transcends gender and is now proven for all.

The results of this study demonstrated the effectiveness of Advanced Génifique on all genders, phototypes and skin types.

1000-Women test results in China:

After only 4 weeks of use, we were able to show an improvement across 10 parameters [2] for women:

Forehead wrinkles


Red spots



Pigmentary spot size

Pigmentary spot color

Nasolabial fold

Glabellar wrinkles

Undereye wrinkles

1000-Women study results in the US:

-After 1 week:  89% [3] of women feel their skin is smoother

After 4 weeks: 90%3 of women feel their overall skin quality is improved

Tested on men:

83% [4] of men feel their skin looks healthier even when exposed to external stressors

-95% [5] men say their skin looks renewed

100%5 of men feel their skin soothed after shaving and smoother


The powerful repairing efficacy of Advanced Génifique Serum was tested in some of life’s most intense conditions. Inside climate-controlled chambers, 48 people of different ages participated in a life-like test, applying the product on damaged skin. Half of the participants waited for an hour in cold & windy climates at 4°C, while the other half waited in humid & hot climates at +40°C. These intense temperatures were selected based on the contrasting climate experienced between winter nights and summer days in the Sahara Desert of North Africa.

Following this test, Advanced Génifique was proven to repair effectively in intense conditions: 

Using biological measurements, Lancôme was able to assess the repair level of the skin’s barrier function through trans-epidermal water loss test after being exposed to intense conditions with either dry, cold, and windy climates or humid and hot climates at +40°C. 

Advanced Génifique Serum showed remarkable effectiveness in repairing the skin barrier function, even under challenging climatic conditions. Thus, Lancôme proved that even when faced with intense conditions, their n°1 serum helps skin recover faster.



Inspired by dermatologist-approved devices and instruments used within clinical studies, Skin Screen is Lancôme’s most advanced skin analysis service. Powered by pioneering Beauty Tech, a deep learning algorithm and a skincare questionnaire, it empowers your Lancôme Beauty Advisor to create your personalized skin routine within 20 minutes.

Following Advanced Génifique’s new tested for life, tested for all proven results, a new Beauty Tech visualization filter will be added to the Skin Screen diagnosis. Based upon a combination of existing diagnostic parameters, including texture, redness, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, the new visualization will reveal the focus areas the most damaged by skin stressors, highlighting how Advanced Génifique serum can help repair your skin to get healthy younger-looking skin. 

[1] Consumer study with 180 women who did not previously used Advanced Génifique serum. Application of the product under conditions of normal use during 12 months.

[2] Clinical study on 1065 Chinese women from 18 to 60 years old after 4 weeks

[3] Multi-ethnic consumer study on 1127 US women from 18 to 60 years old

[4] Multi-ethnic consumer study on 118 French men from 25 to 60 years old after 4 weeks

[5] Consumer study on 60 Chinese men from 22 to 50 years old after 4 weeks

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